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Bombastic Plastic Designs Art and Soul of Bombastic

Every dot you see on the plastic sheet in the background is cut out individually both by hand and by computer. Each from a separately processed piece of Petal @ the Metal in Black and Yellowplastic which we laminate from different colored shopping bags to achieve an almost infinite spectrum. The celebration of beautiful patterns is in the soul of the folks here in Bali. If you are ever lucky enough to see a Balinese ceremony being prepared, you would see how lucky we are to be in this place. Every offering is adorned with flowers, colored rice and a hand cut palm leaf design. All of the girls who piece our fabric bring with them that extraordinary talent. We think it adds something indefinable and beautiful to our stuff. And that ain't the the marketing dept.talking. That's the Balinese magic representing .
We use minimal silk screening for branding and no additional dyes at all for coloring the plastic itself. We are starting to use a bit of high tech heat transfer for some designs that are so wicked cool we can't stop ourselves, but the amount of ink involved is minute compared to traditional low tech processes. We really hope we can help preserve our island. We don't want to start creating another mess for someone to clean up, deprive a Balinese child of knowing their home as it had been for millenia or wrecking all the places a fish can live in or person can surf or swim. That ain't cool. And Bombastic ain't nothing but cool. How 'bout you?more of the story