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Bombastic is a Clean Machine Clean is Black and White

This stuff comes from the garbage. We slam it with clean. Industrial Strength - Bomber Clean. We use one the very best commercial laundries in Bali. We bathe it in pure sun powered UV. Our plastic is as clean as fresh sheets in a 5 Star Hotel. Why are we so are crazy about clean ? First-because we are all going to be touching this stuff. Us when we’re making products out of it. You when you’re using those products. Second if you don’t get the plastic clean. You can’t make good material. It falls apart. It burns up in process. The quality is all over the place. We learned this early on . We had boxes of reject products. Can’t make money that way. Now. We spend as much to clean as we spend to collect. Bombastic Plastix™ takes your health, our health and our products seriously. This is it. This is our dream . We aren’t going to turn our dream into garbage but cutting corners.
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