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Plastic is Complicated
After our bags have been collected sorted cleaned, inspected, sorted again and if your a good little plastic bag you make the cut,literally to the cutting room. There you will be cut and bundled ready for further processing. Essentially we take the plastic from the wash and grade to color and thickness and fuse it with a heat press.We fuse the bags at different temps,times and pressure. We got to where we are mostly by the empirical method, meaning we figure it out as we go. We know how to make junk. We have made piles of it. After 10 or 20 thousand strikes on the press you start to just know.
A serious Sam
Sam worked in his Dad's Heat Treat when he was a kid.The M & M. A Heat Treat where you cook steel parts in a furmace to make them harder, softer, etc. You change the steel's character in some way by running it through a heat process. Started in old blacksith's shop ended up running high tech atmospheric furnaces cooking steel for the big car companies. Any good heat treater will tell you there's a point where the science runs out and the art of an experienced human being will prevail.
Thank god for our diligent and patient staff that have worked through this thing with us. They know. They have figured things out past the science by sheer perseverance. Hundreds of thousands of strikes of the presses. We keep our exact process pretty close to the vest. We are a business. We have invested time,money and have trusted retailers that depend on our products. We want to teach the world to make beautiful plastic fabric from trash someday but right now we don't want to compete with people making more trash out of trash. We know how easy that is. Then there is a bunch of real garbage getting dumped on the market,poorly processed, cheaply made junk. Ruining the rep. Then nobody wants to buy it and we are right back where we started with the plastic living in the landfill. So we'll tip our hat to anyone that wants to try cook up their own plastic. And while it is completely part of our plan to open source our methods in the near future don't expect us to show you exactly how just yet. For now it's a secret family recipe.more of the story