We are in this world together The Morning of the World

The amazing island of Bali Indonesia. A little gem of a place in this great big world that is home to us all. North of Australia in the shadow of China. Indonesia is a sprawling archipelago with kangaroos at one end and rhinoceroses, elephants and tigers at the other. In the middle of this, is Bali. Surfers paradise, Hiundu enclave and sanctuary to certain plasticsmiths of the Bombastic variety.

Bali Life Ceremony We can't say enough good things about our little home. You probably feel the same about where you live.
We don't like to get too preachy around here. Maybe we make some products in a unique manner and live in a place that a lot of people would describe as paradise, but we get up, brush our teeth, try to make a living, get mad, get happy and deal with problems just like everybody else. But in our home we are constantly reminded of the larger things in life. Everyday is a different ceremony or time is taken to stop take a breath, the girls light some incense, arrange some flowers and make an offering at one of the several shrines around our workspace. It is the Balinese way and we observe it. So if we seem a little passionate about our desire to help this planet. It's just because Bali has taught us to look around take a minute be amazed by this incredible gift we have been given. This World. We damn sure don't want to be part of the generation that screwed up the whole thing. Somehow we gotta find time in our busy schedules to give a little bit back and with all of us doing that, we think everything will be OK. Kinda thinkin' we will all be a lot happier and prouder too. And just way more... watcha say... SOLID! You down? Cool. HEY!!!! Did you see a tiger?! I think I saw a tiger! Oh. It's just Nyoman showing up for work. That girl is fearsome.

BTW Take a look at the the map in the background up above. It’s an image of the world if all the glacial ice melts. Not speculation just simple math. Notice a few things missing? Looks like it could be a little difficult for us get a media noche coffee and a cuban sandwich at that little place in Miami. Unless we get suited up with some scuba gear. But we're pretty cool with it. Ya see how the ocean now meets the Appalachain Mtns in America? You know what that means? POINT BREAK! All those years of surfing Southern slop we finally gonna have a decent set up when we make it back to the States. Soooo ...don't you need a big new gas guzzling SUV? Go for it! We want our POINT BREAK NOW!