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Bombastic is a  Guy and a GirlBombastic is a Guy and a Girl
Wallets in a Beautiful Array It takes almost as many people to make one of these wallets as there are wallets in the picture

Bombastic Plastix is Sam and Niluh. Sam is American and mostly plastic and machines. Niluh is Balinese and mostly business and design. We get a lot of help.We have Nyoman, Ibu Indrawati and the girls that help out in the plastics workshop.
We have the dozens of tailors and seamstresses that sew our stuff. We have the trash collectors that scour our island of Bali for our plastic The people that sell our stuff are part of us as well and the people that buy our stuff too.
We have the people that inspire us and the folks that need inspiration. Because we are all in this world together to live happily, breathe cleanly, work hard, take care of those we love and have a bit of fun in the process.
We like to say. Most people are just Bombastic people waiting to happen. Thanks for playing your part. We couldn't do it without you.Now get out there and get your Bombastic on.

*in case you were wondering it's pronounced Neee-looooo.Web dude sez- rhymes with amazing : )