2012 July 10

OK. We know this has taken a looooooooooong time. But intercontinental,commercial,global trade issues take a while to sort out. But finally we think we have a cool place you can buy our stuff from anywhere in the world and in particular the USA and have the shipping costs reasonable, delivery times quick, the payment system secure. So cruise our ever changing selection and get yourself styling with some BOMBASTICNESS! Thanks so much for your support!!!!!

Back in Bali!

2012 February 3
by mrbombastic

Balinese temple all dressed up for the festival of Galungan

SO EPIC TO BE BACK IN BALI!!!!!! OK. Niluh never left left and has been working like a crazy person. Bombastic had some VERY large orders the past several months and there wasn’t any lazy American to even give moral support. Girl ROCKED IT! Why no help? Coz Sam was off in the USA trying to financially recover from his China/Indo/Machine misadventure. Which he did! Friend gave me a job dealing with a bunch of scrap metal and after a diligent 4 months bustin’ scrap and navigating the secondary metals market, the “Metal Man” did prevail. Was able to get back to Bali with a little back up on the hip and buy a new machine (not the big one we want but good enough for now) soooooo Bombastic is back in action big time!! Woohoo!! It is great being back to Bombastic and Bali. We have been working through some new processes and we have some fantastic new products headed everybody’s way. We’ll keep you posted!

One Really Hard Year

2011 June 24
by mrbombastic

The last 12 months could best be described as The Year of the Bombastic’s Great Trial.
After “The Goose” (Niluh-my partner) and I built up a pretty darn good business over 3 years, we were battling production issues in Indonesia. We had some big potential orders and attempted to “take it to the next level” (Which we did- but not the level up! )
So Sam decided to set up secondary production in China. We consolidated every financial resource that we could and I went off to China to try to make plastic. We didn’t have enough cash to get the job done in that vast and intimidating land and so basically burned up a year and almost all our financial resources in an unsuccessful attempt to create a “Chinese Bombastic”. So file under Sam’s Big Screw-Up.
The one really good thing that came out of the China was the acquisition of an incredible machine to boost production in Indonesia which was purchased and shipped to Bali at great expense and promptly confiscated by the Indonesian customs authorities upon arrival for reasons that have yet to be adequately explained. Ouch! Rest of financial resources go poof!
At this juncture our landlord in Bali decided to double our rent effectively booting us from our store crashing our retail sales from which we drew our small salaries. Nice.
But if hard times prove anything it’s the mettle of the folks that endure them and I can’t say what a fantastic job Niluh has done through this entire period keeping the business going. I have an amazing partner for which I am so thankful.
So where we are now is- We have to regroup a bit.I am going to go back to the USA for a little while finally get the Bombastic Web Store running and prototyping a new machine that I can build in Indonesia bring the essential heat/pressure controls from USA back in September in my luggage and weld up the machine here using Indonesian parts. I am also going to be helping my dear brother with his company http://natureswaypest.com nontoxic environmentally safe and sound pest control. The Eco thing kind of runs in the family.
Niluh and the staff are going to take care of production in Bali until my return. They have already managed quite nicely without me much of this year.
We are going to be doing some more one of a kind specialty designs that will be available through the Web Store which we think is going to be a lot of fun.
You can REALLY help the Bombastic effort by buying something in our Web Store. I will be starting the store with hand carried goods on my return to USA next week and then the Goose and I will be bulk shipping products to USA to stock the store there. In case you were wondering its completely cost prohibitive to run the store out of Indonesia otherwise we would have done it a LONG time ago. Hopefully the Web Store will replace the sales lost when we were kicked out of our store and we can breathe a wee bit easier. The Web Store lives at the Red tab at the top of the page that says of all the darn things ” Store” : ) So I’ll keep you updated on our progress. Thanks for being BOMBASTIC! Sam

What We See in the Trash

2010 April 18
by mrbombastic

Ghandi in the Trash
A lot of folks see trash as this enormous problem and the way we deal with it today it is. But here on the Bombastic “East Forty” we got a different way a ranchin’. You see we see the trash stream as a vibrant transport system all this material winging it’s way around the world. The challenge is to identify what can be done with it in it’s final destination and do that in that location. That might be a plastic facility, that might be a reassembly facility for electronics it might be a re-manufacturing facility for textiles. We are blessed these days with amazing machines that can take a lot of the grudge work out of this stuff. If we looked at the waste stream as an absolute resource put on our thinkin’ caps and asked- How to transform this stuff from trash into products as quickly and efficiently as possible? ” If when then proceeded to implement flexible manufacturing facility in the areas where the trash accumulates and could adapt that facility to various processes depending on the availability of the raw material. We would start looking at the trash completely differently.
Don’t tell us it can’t be done coz we are doing it. We are starting to branch out into textiles as well because Bali has mountains of remnant material that they either send away to Java to be ground up and made into god knows what or use a rags in fishing boats or put to some other really equally unimaginative purpose. We are going to start making some beautiful rugs from this material and so is born “The Ragtag Rug Company”.
So we see Ghandi’s “homespun” message written large in the sky from where we sit on our porch. We see jobs and raised standard of living and a new hyper efficient system all based on trash. We just have to open our collective eyes and see things a different way. Do it! It’s fun!

We Been Bizzy Bees

2010 March 8
by mrbombastic

Have not been keeping up very well with web stuff. Sorry ’bout that. We been busy filling orders. THANK YOU to our EPIC CUSTOMERS!!
And….. WE ARE OPENING A REAL SHOP!!!!! Have been working on it a few weeks. Niluh and the Kid have been looking forward to this for a loooooonngggg time. Above is the mock up in CAD its turning out remarkably like the picture Go fig. We going to flip the sign this Saturday. We’d be ready on Friday. But a certain salty character that works for Bombastic used to be a sailor and has a rule about setting sail on a Friday. So we will use the Friday to have the Balinese priest come in and get it all sorted with the shrines and Bali stuff getting the good juju in the store. Will post pics of the genuine article next week with all the info how to find us when you come to Bali. Whoa gotta go! The fiberglass resin over the recycled plywood cabinets is going off a little hot. Is it 2 % catalyst or 3%? Uh Oh! Think its 2%.

I Started Out Weird

2009 November 30
by mrbombastic

HELPSo I’m trying to design something for young teens and like I try to think of what I would have liked when I was 13 and make a product a kid might think is cool or maybe the kid in an adult. So I put my head back at my desk when I was 13 and made something. My desk was a great place in a sometimes not so great world. But I could stay busy making rockets, models, leather stuff, drawing cartoons, even vacuum forming plastic and cooking up silicone monsters and everything was cool. Most of all I could just dream of the possibilities coz when your 13 you think anything is possible so its a lot to keep up with. There a lot to be said for keeping the 13 year old alive inside you I think. And if I could pick up the Interdimensional Timephone and call that desk I’m sure that little dude would be happy to know that someday he would be this big dude living in Bali, making stuff out of plastic and even catching the occasional epic wave. As far as the designs? Think we’re getting somewhere.

Our World 2.0 Installs the Bombastic Program

2009 November 9
by mrbombastic

We were asked to have a phone interview from someone in Tokyo and we are like- “Kyo wana ga sakana ga oishi des ga?!” And they are like-all quiet for a sec and then asked what did we mean “What kind of fish is good?” And we are like- “Well its the only Japanese we know from slumming in Osaka trying to hook up with some tasty hamachi so we thought we’d try it and see if it got us anywhere – Hajimemashite! Domo arrigato Mr. Roboto Super Important UN person! HAI!”
Thank Sailor Moon on Mt Fiji it wasn’t any stuffed shirt PR suit but the wonderful Ms. Carol Smith on assignment in Asia who totally gets the Bombastic Plastic Ninja’s flying shirken razor sharp type sense of humor. We in fact believe she could easily join us dressed in black going rooftop to rooftop through the night looking for unsuspecting plastic bags to abduct and turn into fantastic products. And so, we  do hereby bequeath the title of  Honorary Jonin Plastic Ninja of the 13 Prefecture Polymer City to Carol-san writer of wonderful things about the B.P.N clan. Thanks Carol-san for the sweet cherry blossom of an article!!  Bombastic is humbled to make your esteemed acquaintance. Deep bow. Je mata ne! – See you later!
PS Any good cheap ramen shops up near you in Tokyo we might want to pay you a visit!
Fashion from Trash Article Our World 2.0

Good Things Come in Small Packages

2009 October 29
by mrbombastic

Maybe you the kind of person that likes to travel light. A card, bit of cash and a piece of ID. Maybe you have like a mini helicopter or a jetpack or something and can’t be overloaded. Maybe you’re superhero! You don’t need any big bulky wallet messing up that slick super hero suit’s sleek look. Maybe you’re a naturist and you live in the boonies on your organic farm and just wear boots and a hat and just want to slip your wallet in the side of your boot. We don’t need to know your reasons. We just want to make any clothing optional superhero organic farmers with mini-helicopters and/or jetpacks happy if they come shopping for Bombastic products. We know it’s a small market. But you are fun, hard working people with needs. And that’s our job- to satisfy our customer’s needs. So for this important niche and others that share your eccentric minimalist sensibilities we present- The Micro! Good things do indeed come in small packages.

The Square Wheel Never Worked

2009 October 29
by mrbombastic

The-Standard-Wallet We like to be innovative. We want to bust our tails thinking through stuff to give you the best products we possibly can. There are times when the tried and true is exactly that and you shouldn’t mess with it. Tried and True is good.
So here is The Bombastic Standard a classic billfold. Once you load it up and use it for a few days you will notice how it develops a nice supple feel. Wears like iron. It is probably our most optimized environmental product. Only the heavy duty nylon stitching and the ID window are from new material. We do have some fun with the colors. Shown in our Trashionista style material with an emphasis on found designs in the plastic itself. This guy will stand with you through the thick of it.

Tell our operatives in the foreign service… The parcel is in the mail.

2009 September 26
by mrbombastic

SO below is a little storyboard action for a new product. It’s name comes from a videographer friend of our ours that was over in Bali on surf vacation and also shooting a mini documentary of … you guessed it! Bombastic Plastix™ itself. So we are chatting and Mr Mason Seay says, and we quote” I just want to Efficienize my entire operation, and I know that’s not a word but it should be a word coz it’s cool” And we are like Whoa! Whoa Dude! Did you just say Efficienize! And he’s totally on it and says “Yeah I said Efficienize” ” That’s IT dude That is the name for the new travel wallet!!!” And we start doing the ba da ba ba trumpet kind sound in all the Bond movies and Sam starts riffing about ” THE EFFICIENIZER It’s a dangerous world, somebody has to organize it. BOMBASTIC! The Efficienizer Ba- da-ba-da-da- da-da” etc. ad infinitum and so forth. TG coz we had the lame name Travawally hiding in the alley behind HQ. Bravo Poppa X Ray to Base, Bravo Poppa X Ray to Base- Efficienizer has neutralized the name Travawally repeat Efficienizer has neutralized the name Travawally. Mr B Tell our operatives in the foreign service… The parcel is in the mail. You should be able to buy The Efficienizer and a full range of other killer products direct from Bombastic Bali HQ beginning by the end of the week. The webstore is definitely finally opening. Over and out”efficienizerMashUp


2009 September 26
by mrbombastic
Surfer Girls Saving World

Surfer Girls Saving World

We worked on some special products for Surfer Girl Surf Shop here in Indo. The design was a bit challenging. As a matter of fact we used that word, it’s actually got kind of an Indonesian sound to it- “NUH-YES”. It’s what you say when somebody asks you to do something AND you try to say NUH-OH to but want to do it so bad you say- NUH-YES. And why was it so difficult? Coz it’s lots and lots of little tiny pieces all different pattern and different color and each one has to be cut individually applied individually and VERY carefully laminated so it all comes together right.We ended up having to figure out some new methods and got better at the process and now are better off because of it. But we knew it was gonna be tough. I think at one point time Niluh threw a flower at in Ketut’s general direction or something REALLY out of control. Not like Sam. When he gets frustrated he just calmly walks into the other room, kicking the door down to get there, but at least he’s not launching frangipangis at the staff . prototype-bag And why would we want something that much? Because we think they are a really great fun company that shares a lot of our values. Because they don’t forget about the local market and keep a lot of really reasonably priced products in their store so local Indo girls can afford to shop there and buy sweet products and feel all happy and cool. Because they have an awesome homegrown design team that pushes us to higher levels and collaborates effectively. Because they are concerned about the environment and have been using a lot of MODAL fabric in their production and of course the world’s most amazing recycled plastic products from the Bombsters. But maybe mostly because they give the surfer chicks respect by taking a chance and making a store just for them. The boys get plenty. Recently one of the big multinational surf companies had a contest they paid top prize of 100,000 USD to the boy winner and paid 5000 USD to the girl. How lame is that. That is sometimes the mentality still in the surf world. The girls look good on the beach and the boys do the real surfing. Those days are so over. Some of the big boys are having a hard time understanding that. We surf, and if those big guys with their global empires would paddle out now and then and could see the chicks shredding here in Bali. It’s just so OBVIOUS. So the girls have their own special surf shop and it’s called appropriately Surfer Girl. http://www.surfer-girl.com It’s a great place. Check it out. We think you’ll “heart” it too.

Could Bombastic End Up on Project Runway?

2009 September 25
by mrbombastic
Project Runway?

Project Runway?

So These are prototypes for a client that is sending our stuff to FRANCE. As in Eiffel Tower,Riviera and Yves,Chanel and Tom Ford when Gucci buys Yves and sends him there to work on perfume thereby giving old boy a big kick in the derriere after dude made them like 3 billion dollars. That France. So we don’t want to get in trouble with that crowd those high fashion guys are ruthless. But. Like the song sez if you can make there you can make it anywhere. OK that’s New York. But we couldn’t find a single quotable line in La Marseillaise that seemed appropriate, ya know “Tous ces tigres qui, sans pitié, Déchirent le sein de leur mère !” is some pretty heavy stuff. But maybe it is applicable. Something about tigers ripping stuff apart. Any French tiger gets a hold of one of these bags is gonna have his paws full. We are so scared of those Haute Coture-ians we made the final products like Jean-Claude Van Damme tough. Right. Really? OK he’s from Belgium. Whatever! Anywoo our stuff really well made and is going to FRANCE and that’s a BIG DEAL. And Heidi Klum is NOT representing our products. We just have her in the picture because we wanted to have an image in a somewhat satirical communication to associate our stuff with a fashion runway and FRANCE. What? But she’s from Cologne, as in Eau de Cologne. Criminey! Right. OK Heidi is from Germany I’m told. This high fashion world is REALLY confusing. Suffice it to say we are READY for you confusing French fashion world because Bombastic thrives on confusion and we are quite certain that if you put a Bombastic Plastix™ handbag on the arm of some really tall girl in 9 inch heels  wrapped in aluminum foil with a spaceship for a hat and have her walk down,stop,turn,turn again and exit everyone will come out of their chairs screaming bravo, bravo or whatever AND you will sell bazillions of the the finest recycled plastic products in the world. And you don’t have to charge 2000 Euro for one as a matter of fact we’d prefer if ya didn’t. Merci!