Could Bombastic End Up on Project Runway?

2009 September 25
by mrbombastic
Project Runway?

Project Runway?

So These are prototypes for a client that is sending our stuff to FRANCE. As in Eiffel Tower,Riviera and Yves,Chanel and Tom Ford when Gucci buys Yves and sends him there to work on perfume thereby giving old boy a big kick in the derriere after dude made them like 3 billion dollars. That France. So we don’t want to get in trouble with that crowd those high fashion guys are ruthless. But. Like the song sez if you can make there you can make it anywhere. OK that’s New York. But we couldn’t find a single quotable line in La Marseillaise that seemed appropriate, ya know “Tous ces tigres qui, sans pitié, Déchirent le sein de leur mère !” is some pretty heavy stuff. But maybe it is applicable. Something about tigers ripping stuff apart. Any French tiger gets a hold of one of these bags is gonna have his paws full. We are so scared of those Haute Coture-ians we made the final products like Jean-Claude Van Damme tough. Right. Really? OK he’s from Belgium. Whatever! Anywoo our stuff really well made and is going to FRANCE and that’s a BIG DEAL. And Heidi Klum is NOT representing our products. We just have her in the picture because we wanted to have an image in a somewhat satirical communication to associate our stuff with a fashion runway and FRANCE. What? But she’s from Cologne, as in Eau de Cologne. Criminey! Right. OK Heidi is from Germany I’m told. This high fashion world is REALLY confusing. Suffice it to say we are READY for you confusing French fashion world because Bombastic thrives on confusion and we are quite certain that if you put a Bombastic Plastix™ handbag on the arm of some really tall girl in 9 inch heels  wrapped in aluminum foil with a spaceship for a hat and have her walk down,stop,turn,turn again and exit everyone will come out of their chairs screaming bravo, bravo or whatever AND you will sell bazillions of the the finest recycled plastic products in the world. And you don’t have to charge 2000 Euro for one as a matter of fact we’d prefer if ya didn’t. Merci!

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  1. 2009 October 28
    Carol permalink

    Those are gorgeous!

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