Our World 2.0 Installs the Bombastic Program

2009 November 9
by mrbombastic

We were asked to have a phone interview from someone in Tokyo and we are like- “Kyo wana ga sakana ga oishi des ga?!” And they are like-all quiet for a sec and then asked what did we mean “What kind of fish is good?” And we are like- “Well its the only Japanese we know from slumming in Osaka trying to hook up with some tasty hamachi so we thought we’d try it and see if it got us anywhere – Hajimemashite! Domo arrigato Mr. Roboto Super Important UN person! HAI!”
Thank Sailor Moon on Mt Fiji it wasn’t any stuffed shirt PR suit but the wonderful Ms. Carol Smith on assignment in Asia who totally gets the Bombastic Plastic Ninja’s flying shirken razor sharp type sense of humor. We in fact believe she could easily join us dressed in black going rooftop to rooftop through the night looking for unsuspecting plastic bags to abduct and turn into fantastic products. And so, we  do hereby bequeath the title of  Honorary Jonin Plastic Ninja of the 13 Prefecture Polymer City to Carol-san writer of wonderful things about the B.P.N clan. Thanks Carol-san for the sweet cherry blossom of an article!!  Bombastic is humbled to make your esteemed acquaintance. Deep bow. Je mata ne! – See you later!
PS Any good cheap ramen shops up near you in Tokyo we might want to pay you a visit!
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  1. 2009 November 10
    Carol permalink

    LOL! Thanks so much for roasting me in your truly unique way, Sam! Glad to have e-met you.

    Best of luck. Though you’re not going to need it since you guys are very talented!


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